Debbie Rosenfeld, Photographer

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When Debbie Rosenfeld left her home and career in New York City, she decided to follow her true passion, photography.

A self-described “refugee from the corporate world,” Rosenfeld worked at the World Trade Center for 16 years and was on her way to work the day of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Since moving to Columbus, Rosenfeld said she has found the opportunity to start life over again, pursuing the career she said she should have been doing all along in a city she has come to love.

”Columbus has so much to offer and it’s manageable, and as Goldilocks would say,
it’s just the right size,” Rosenfeld said.

She said she finds the details of her adopted home rich and beautiful, whether it be a manhole cover or the brick streets of the Brewery District.

Her photographs of Columbus’ urban landscapes focus on patterns and textures and the underlying geometry of architectural and other forms she finds all over the city.

Rosenfeld likes to take photos of everything. She said that’s a consequence of having not been formally trained — that’s what makes her subject matter so “disparate.”

With her work she hopes to assure people back home that there is life outside the East and West coast.

Watch as we capture the path that led Rosenfeld from the skyscrapers in New York to the urban landscapes of Columbus.

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