Artist Michael Jerome Bashaw

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It’s time to introduce Ohio’s very own Superman of Art. Recent recipient of a Governor’s Award for the Arts is sculptor, Emmy-nominated musician, performer, arts educator, and all around interesting guy Michael Jerome Bashaw. 

“Most of my work is musically oriented but not all of it,” says Bashaw.  Michael admits to being “all over the map” in terms of what kind of artwork he makes or pursues.  Not only is his work all over the map, he’s created installations and performed all over Ohio, the United States, even in Bosnia.  Whether he’s inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water or simply the materials in front of him, Michael’s inspiration, or “juice” as he calls it, makes him an intensely versatile artist.

Though most focus on his massive, hand built instruments called “sound sculptures”, and rightly so, the part of his artistic career that might leave the most lasting mark is his work as an educator.  Michael has been lending his creativity to future generations of artists as an artist in residence in the Ohio schools for 20 years.  If only we all had a teacher that interesting!

“You know, I walk down the street sometimes in the summer time and all of a sudden they’re [students] like “Hey there’s that crazy man!”, says Bashaw with a giggle. “You know they’re excited to see me because they had this great experience.”

“I think students really want to be a part of something. Something larger than themselves. For me, that’s really rewarding.” imparts Bashaw.

Michael continues to perform, inspire, and live in Dayton, Ohio.

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