Anne Bogart Gets Goose Bumps

| September 30, 2009 | 1 Comment

Cast member of 'Who Do You Think You Are?'

Cast member of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

Co-founder and artistic director of the SITI Company, Anne Bogart returns to the Wexner Center with SITI and a new work, “Who Do You Think You Are,” a theater piece where words, movement, and space are used to diagram the potential of the human brain.

Anne spoke to WOSU’s Christopher Purdy about the new piece, along with her thoughts on making theater and the evolution of the SITI Company.

“In French they say frisson du coeur, which basically means ‘goose bumps.’ I won’t do a project unless I have a physical reaction to the material, whether it’s a classic play, a brand new play or even an idea, like “Who Do You Think You Are?” which is a devised work, meaning we created it together, if as I’m encountering the material I start to literally feel goose bumps, then I know that this is the one to do,” Bogart told WOSU.

“If you start to study how the brain works, could you stop violence in the world? Violence not just as in nuclear war, but the kind of violence one finds in a household, or the violence that one finds on the street. If you start to understand what’s going on inside of you, would there be grace? You can actually change the way the brain functions just by practicing living differently, and there’s a great excitement in that,” Bogart said.

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