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  1. New Season, New Host For Broad & High
  2. Charlotte Belland, Toni Lipsey, Tom Coleman Preview
  3. Drinks of the Speakeasy
  4. Eddie Adams: Vietnam
  5. Speakeasy, Eddie Adams, Virginia Krause Hess, Maija Miettenen
  6. BalletMet Dancers Jimmy Orrante & Carrie West
  7. ARTifacts: 19th Century Hair Art
  8. Fresh A.I.R. Gallery’s Anniversary Exhibit
  9. Artist Profile: Todd Camp
  10. Honeyrun Farm
  11. Jimmy Orrante & Carrie West, ARTifacts: Hair Art, Fresh A.I.R.
  12. Righteous Mothers Bicycle Club
  13. Columbus Cyclists Fix Their Own Rides at 3rd Hand Bike Co-op
  14. Denny Griffith & Aminah Robinson at the Columbus Metropolitan Club
  15. Righteous Mothers, Aminah Robinson, Third Hand Bicycle Co-op
  16. Irony & Aluminum, Mobile Art Gallery, Ceramics, Carousel
  17. Igloo Letterpress
  18. Comic Book Artists
  19. The Art of the Dumpster
  20. Solomon’s Castle
  21. Igloo Letterpress, Bruce Hughes, Dumpster Art, Solomon’s Castle
  22. BizTown
  23. American Sign Museum
  24. The Fashions and Designs of Charles James
  25. Time Lapse Photographer Justin Majeczky
  26. Biz Town, American Sign Museum, Charles James, Justin Majeczky
  27. The Journey to Normal
  28. A Culinary History of the Great Black Swamp
  29. Into the Woods
  30. Awakening Minds Art
  31. The Journey to Normal, Great Black Swamp, Awakening Minds and More
  32. Worthington Doll Museum
  33. Liz Roberts: Always Nowhere
  34. A Conversation with Donna Collins
  35. Claymation artist Seth Mittag
  36. The Passport
  37. Weinland Park Story Book
  38. Artist Profile: Kevin Farrell aka Dee W. Ieye
  39. Shakespeare and Autism
  40. PupArt at Dublin Arts Council