Latest Episode – June 26, 2012

World War II Pacific Tour

A group of Ohio State University students traveled the pacific island battlefields of World War II with the veterans who fought there. As a part of the study abroad course through the Department of History, students were paired with a veteran to preserve memorials of the war in the Pacific Theatre.

Recent Segments

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Recent Ohio State Graduates Embark on New Journey

Recent graduates of The Ohio State University look back at their college experience and reveal their plans for the future.

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Pelotonia Raising Money For Cancer Research

Team Buckeye and thousands of others cyclists are participating in Pelotonia 2011 as they look to raise over $10 million for cancer research during this year’s ride.

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Celebrating Olympian and OSU Icon Jesse Owens Part Two

Olympic Gold Medalist and former Buckeye Jesse Owens faced challenges in his sport and his time. He set an example for those who would come after him, and he left his mark on Ohio State University and the United States.

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Celebrating Olympian and OSU Icon Jesse Owens Part 1

Olympic Gold Medalist and former Buckeye Jesse Owens has been referred to as the world’s greatest athlete of his era. Learn about the triumphs, struggles and conflicting times of a man who would go on to set an example and leave a mark on Ohio State University and the nation. This segment features the dedication [...]

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Breaking Down Barriers in Treating Cancer

One of the greatest struggles in fighting cancer today is the variations of cancer and the inability to make decisions across the board for treatment.

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Alleviating Poverty Through Social Entrepreneurship

The Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship Summit held at Ohio State brings together students, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to create ideas that will empower people.

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Ingram Fund Supports Autism Research at Ohio State

The Ingram Fund is supporting the groundbreaking autism research taking place at Ohio State.

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Kip Camp Helps Journalists Develop Social Media Skills

Ohio State’s Kiplinger Digital Media Kip Camp is helping seasoned journalists from the world’s most impressive news organizations develop social media skills learn new ways to report and share their stories.

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OSU Leaders Work to Find Reliable, Affordable, Sustainable Energy

A look at the concept behind the Institute for Energy and the Environment at Ohio State University and discussions about energy conservation and sustainability.

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What Ohio State is Doing to Sustain Energy

Learn what Ohio State is doing to sustain energy through a variety of programs, policies, initiatives, projects, and academic courses. Brittany Westbrook hosts. Expert guests include Ron Sega, Vice President and Enterprise Executive for Energy and the Environment; Kate Bartter, Associate Director, Institute for Energy and the Environment; and Aparna Dial, Director, Energy Services and [...]