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Zero Waste at Ohio Stadium

26, 2012

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how The Ohio State University is working hard to have the country’s largest Zero Waste stadium and the results of efforts during the 2011 football season.

Revenge of the Electric Car

23, 2012

A screening of “Revenge of the Electric Car” at the Drexel Theatre generates an electric car showcase featuring some of the newest electric vehicles, including the Buckeye Bullet and OSU EcoCAR.

Rain Gardens and Dandelions – Innovative Research at OARDC

21, 2011

Rain gardens and roadways, a natural solution to ground water pollution, and dandelions racing toward a new sustainable, tire rubber source.

OSU Leaders Work to Find Reliable, Affordable, Sustainable Energy

24, 2011

A look at the concept behind the Institute for Energy and the Environment at Ohio State University and discussions about energy conservation and sustainability.

What Ohio State is Doing to Sustain Energy

24, 2011

Learn what Ohio State is doing to sustain energy through a variety of programs, policies, initiatives, projects, and academic courses. Brittany Westbrook hosts. Expert guests include Ron Sega, Vice President and Enterprise Executive for Energy and the Environment; Kate Bartter, Associate Director, Institute for Energy and the Environment; and Aparna Dial, Director, Energy Services and [...]

Ohio State’s Role in Energy Independence

24, 2010

An integrated approach to energy and the environment can help gain overall efficiency. Hear experts discuss Ohio State’s game-changing role in energy independence, on and off campus. Featuring Ron Sega, VP and Enterprise Executive for Energy and the Environment; Kate Bartter, Associate Director, Institute for Energy and the Environment; and Arpana Dial, Director, Energy Services [...]

Ohio State Conducts Research at Biological Station in Michigan

23, 2010

Learn about the Ohio State research taking place at a biological station located in Michigan and the northern forest carbon cycle research program.

Chemists Making Big Discoveries

27, 2010

See how chemistry might just provide the secret element to making a battery-powered world reality.

Ohio State Students Build Pod House

23, 2010

Ohio State students studying engineering and architecture collaborate to build a Pod House that is currently on display at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI). The house is an example of innovation and part of a vision of a green and sustainable future.

The Future beyond Oil

27, 2010

Moving Ahead: Part 2 Over 80 thought leaders have been brought together by The Ohio State University for the Moving Ahead 2010 conference to discuss the future of transportation and sustainable energy. With more than 800 business, academic, and government leaders in attendance from over 150 institutions, the conference has opened a dialogue that will [...]