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Ohio State Gets Unprecedented Look at the Universe

30, 2010

Travel to Safford, Arizona, for a look at the Large Binocular Telescope where Ohio State astronomers and researchers are getting an unprecedented look at gamma bursts, galaxies, black holes, and supernovas.

Ohio State’s Labs in Life at COSI

30, 2010

Visit one of the most unique laboratories in America as nutritional and diet experts from Ohio State set up shop inside COSI, one of the nation’s premier science museums. They conduct health research in an open laboratory where the general public can observe, ask questions, and engage.

Kip Camp Broadens Minds

27, 2010

Kip Camp is an intense and fun way to get a handle on the Digital Revolution. The Ohio State University’s Kiplinger Program offers this three-day course to mid-career professionals who are looking to broaden their social media skills and open their minds to the future of communications.

Domestic Abuse and the Cost on our Health Care System

27, 2010

Domestic abuse damages more than families and relationships. Researchers at The Ohio State University uncover its startling cost on our health care system by looking at the numbers in-depth. Also, see what some students are doing to address the issue for their peers through student groups on campus.

Teachers Study Shakespeare

23, 2010

Teachers study Shakespeare and learn how dramatic inquiry, which uses movement, role-playing, and research, can help students become more imaginative, curious, and successful