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World War II Pacific Tour

26, 2012

A group of Ohio State University students traveled the pacific island battlefields of World War II with the veterans who fought there. As a part of the study abroad course through the Department of History, students were paired with a veteran to preserve memorials of the war in the Pacific Theatre.

Ohio State and Metro High School Students Run OSU Student Farm

21, 2011

Ohio State students partner with STEM highschoolers to create living learning labs and a farmers market.

Recent Ohio State Graduates Embark on New Journey

27, 2011

Recent graduates of The Ohio State University look back at their college experience and reveal their plans for the future.

Kip Camp Helps Journalists Develop Social Media Skills

23, 2011

Ohio State’s Kiplinger Digital Media Kip Camp is helping seasoned journalists from the world’s most impressive news organizations develop social media skills learn new ways to report and share their stories.

Uncovering an Ancient Tree of Life

20, 2011

Researchers at Ohio State join forces with other institutions to map out a tree of life from under the sea.

I’m A Buckeye! Ohio State’s First Year Experience Program

21, 2010

Each year, thousands of new students flood the halls of Ohio State’s six campuses. Learn about the First Year Experience program and how the resources and support help students become familiar with the University and prepare them for academic success

Race to the Top Grant Helps Ohio Improve Education

23, 2010

Learn how Ohio State participated in the development of the Race to the Top grant proposal and is helping to accelerate academic improvement and transform the schools in our state.

Ohio State Conducts Research at Biological Station in Michigan

23, 2010

Learn about the Ohio State research taking place at a biological station located in Michigan and the northern forest carbon cycle research program.

Ohio State’s International Poverty Solutions Collaborative

3, 2010

Take a walk with a team of researchers at Ohio State’s new International Center for Poverty Solutions as they hear first-hand what we can do to help more people attain self-sufficiency.

Summer Research: Protecting Our Eyes and Beaches

23, 2010

Summer research at Ohio State includes testing water samples at different beaches in Ohio to make sure they’re safe and searching for ways to prevent eye diseases, protect eyes and lenses, and improve lifestyle.