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Ohio State’s Star House helps homeless teens

24, 2012

A team of Ohio State faculty, staff, and students are providing valuable services to homeless teens at the OSU Star House, a drop-in center for homeless youth.

OSU College of Optometry Aids the Homeless

25, 2011

Learn about the Ohio State College of Optometry’s clinic at Faith Mission and how it is providing eye care to the homeless while teaching students the importance of community outreach.

I’m A Buckeye! Ohio State’s First Year Experience Program

21, 2010

Each year, thousands of new students flood the halls of Ohio State’s six campuses. Learn about the First Year Experience program and how the resources and support help students become familiar with the University and prepare them for academic success

Race to the Top Grant Helps Ohio Improve Education

23, 2010

Learn how Ohio State participated in the development of the Race to the Top grant proposal and is helping to accelerate academic improvement and transform the schools in our state.

Ohio State’s International Poverty Solutions Collaborative

3, 2010

Take a walk with a team of researchers at Ohio State’s new International Center for Poverty Solutions as they hear first-hand what we can do to help more people attain self-sufficiency.

Pelotonia Bike Tour Raises Money for Cancer Research

23, 2010

Learn how Pelotonia is raising money for cancer research and how programs and projects are being funded through the new fellowship program.

Ohio State Students Build Pod House

23, 2010

Ohio State students studying engineering and architecture collaborate to build a Pod House that is currently on display at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI). The house is an example of innovation and part of a vision of a green and sustainable future.

Ohio State’s Labs in Life at COSI

30, 2010

Visit one of the most unique laboratories in America as nutritional and diet experts from Ohio State set up shop inside COSI, one of the nation’s premier science museums. They conduct health research in an open laboratory where the general public can observe, ask questions, and engage.

Kip Camp Broadens Minds

27, 2010

Kip Camp is an intense and fun way to get a handle on the Digital Revolution. The Ohio State University’s Kiplinger Program offers this three-day course to mid-career professionals who are looking to broaden their social media skills and open their minds to the future of communications.

Welcome to the Ohio Union!

27, 2010

Tour the new Ohio Union at The Ohio State University. We explore all the different Ohio influences involved in the building, as well as the connections it has to the sports program and the contributions of OSU alumni. It creates an engaging space for students and the community.