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Columbus Arts Festival Emerging Artist

13, 2013

Eleven-year-old photographer Ashton Bushby talks about her images and the excitement about being named a 2013 Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) Emerging Artist. Her work will be on display at the 2013 Columbus Arts Festival this June.

ArtZine Update- Scott Pasfield’s “Gay in America”

11, 2012

Scott Pasfield’s “Gay in America’” honored in many book award lists for 2012.

A new exhibit at COSI examines all the facets of race

13, 2012

Looking through the lenses of science, history, and personal experiences, a new exhibit at COSI gives you all the information you need to question your own assumptions about race. ArtZine goes behind the scenes to talk with photographer Wing Young Huie, and local high school students that have their own views on the subject.

Gay In America

20, 2011

Photographer Scott Pasfield’s intimate portraits of gay men from across the United States speak volumes on more than just sexual identity.

Shifting Perspectives

26, 2011

An expansive photography exhibition from the United Kingdom aims to change the way people see Down Syndrome.

The American Soldier: Photographic Tribute at Ohio History Center

11, 2011

Emmy and Tony award-winner Cyma Rubin’s thought-provoking exhibit, The American Soldier: A Photographic Tribute From the Civil War To Iraq, illustrates the patriotic determination of those who serve in combat as well as the photographers who risk their lives to acquire these fascinating photographs.

A Family Affair: Rural Routes Exhibition at the Ohio Art League

Rural Routes 005
Hay was everywhere at the Rural Routes Exhibition of Catherine Bell Smith and Claire E. Smith's work inspired by driving by rural scenery on rural route 71.
8, 2011

Catherine Bell Smith, a self-proclaimed and her daughter, Claire E. Smith’s Rural Routes Exhibition inspired by driving back and forth between Columbus and Cleveland, route 71.

Shared Intelligence at the Columbus Museum of Art

9, 2011

‘Shared Intelligence’ is an exhibition at the Columbus Museum of Art that explores the dynamic ways visual artists have been inspired by and used photographic art.

Debbie Rosenfeld, Photographer

28, 2011

Photographer Debbie Rosenfeld finds the details of Columbus, her adopted home, rich and beautiful, whether it be a manhole cover or the brick streets of the Brewery District.

Art Matters Because It’s Slow

Old camera
Try to make art and make it quick. Doesn’t work. In fact, it’s frustratingly stubborn because the more we want it to move fast, the more recalcitrant it becomes.
24, 2011

Slow Art: remembering the career of photographer Laura Gilpin.