Ohio Writers’ Guild

18, 2013

Meet the Ohio Writers’ Guild, a supportive community for Ohio authors.  As the premier organization for Ohio writers since 1988, the guild sponsors weekly gatherings and provides an encouraging community for Ohio’s family of authors. http://ohiowritersguild.org  

Columbus Jazz Orchestra’s Suite Rosa

14, 2013

Columbus Jazz Orchestra pays tribute to Rosa Parks with “Suite Rosa.” Often regarded as the beginning of the modern civil rights movement, Parks’ famous refusal to give up her bus seat is commemorated in this world premiere of John Clayton’s piece “Suite Rosa.”

Poetry Out Loud

12, 2013

Poetry Out Loud will hold its 2013 contest on March 16th at Ohio Dominican University. Make plans to be there to support Ohio high schools students on their way to the national championships! This video story is from the ArtZine archives and covers the 2007 competition.  For more information about this year’s activities visit The Ohio Arts [...]

Ohio Historical Society Appalachia Photographs

11, 2013

During the 1890s and early 1900s Ohio photographer Albert Ewing traveled southeast Ohio and central West Virginia photographing people and their surrounding environment. He created an enduring record of Appalachian life at the turn of the of the last century.

Innovators and Inventors at the King Arts Complex

18, 2013

America is known throughout the world for the creative genius of its people. This exhibition highlights contributions by the genius of African American inventors who contributed to the reshaping of the mechanical world and inventions used everyday.

Aurora Robson at Franklin Park Conservatory

14, 2012

Meet Aurora Robson, an artist who uses recycled materials to create astounding sculptures.  Her work is on display at the Franklin Park Conservatory through April 28, 2013.

Riffe Gallery Watercolor 2012

8, 2012

The Riffe Gallery presents Watercolor Ohio 2012 a new exhibition that illustrates the broad spectrum of work produced by watercolor artists. Each piece was hand picked to delight the viewer’s emotion as well as their eyes.

Annie Leibovitz at the Wexner Center

1, 2012

Annie Leibovitz has chosen 156 photographs to showcase at the Wexner Center to represent the definitive edition of her work thus far.

James Thurber’s Houses

25, 2012

Some say that the houses you have lived in determine your worldview.  Maybe you moved around the globe.  Maybe you stayed in one spot.  Either way, the walls that surround you might have something to do with how you understand what lies outside of them. A new exhibit at the Thurber House examines this theory.  [...]

Alina Szapocznikow at the Wex

20, 2012

The nature of life is so fleeting, and yet the nature of what we leave behind is so solid; be it an artifact, a piece of art, or even just our corpse. The flux between the permanence and impermanence of the human body is where Alina Szapocznikow’s art lives and breathes so fully.