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A View of Columbus’s Rich Artistic Past at the Riffe Gallery

17, 2012

Curator Melissa Wolfe was curious, “What is that legacy that the contemporary Columbus art world draws from, and grows on? What is its past? Sometimes those things are known and sometimes, as this show has proven sometimes it’s not so well known.” What Wolfe is hinting at is a treasure trove of artistic gems to discover in the exhibition.

A new exhibit at COSI examines all the facets of race

13, 2012

Looking through the lenses of science, history, and personal experiences, a new exhibit at COSI gives you all the information you need to question your own assumptions about race. ArtZine goes behind the scenes to talk with photographer Wing Young Huie, and local high school students that have their own views on the subject.

Gay In America

20, 2011

Photographer Scott Pasfield’s intimate portraits of gay men from across the United States speak volumes on more than just sexual identity.

The Franklin Park Conservatory Gets Grinched

16, 2011

A chance to look deeper into the holiday classic, Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Animation cells and original artwork by the film’s director, Chuck Jones, are on view at the Franklin Park Conservatory.

A Gallery Teeming with Life: Paula Hayes at the Wexner Center

14, 2011

The practice of art is often something akin to devotion. It can be all-consuming; the focus of your entire life. In Paula Hayes’ delicate and beautiful terrariums on display at the Wexner Center, it is clear to see that what she is devoted to are plants.

Caravaggio: Behold the Man! The Impact of A Revolutionary Realist

8, 2011

The Columbus Museum of Art celebrates the remarkable influence of Caravaggio on the art world. As infamous as he was famous, the exhibit features a single painting by Caravaggio, surrounded by the work of his contemporaries inspired by his bombastic, challenging style.

Shifting Perspectives

26, 2011

An expansive photography exhibition from the United Kingdom aims to change the way people see Down Syndrome.

Inspired by Music: Milisa Valliere

14, 2011

Songs are time machines. They take you back to very specific times in your life, they push you forward or they help to center you in the very moment you are in. They become warm blankets in times of sadness, and a mentor in times of contemplation. For painter Milisa Valliere, songs are her way into her paintings.

The 48 Hour Film Project

21, 2011

44 teams of filmmakers write, direct, and edit a film in less than 48 hours. Do you think you could do that?

Artist Matt Logsdon Aims To Provide Happy Surprises To Pedestrians

12, 2011

When was the last time you explored your city? Matt Logsdon wants to break up your daily routine with the Bus Project, “a civic pride project designed to promote places unique to Columbus, Ohio, advocate a pedestrian lifestyle, and bring together Columbus communities through active participation in the arts.”