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Opera Columbus Competition

Opera Columbus Competition.
Opera Columbus Competition.
May 6, 2009

Every year, Opera Columbus invites the best new singers in the nation to compete in the Irma M. Cooper Opera Columbus International Vocal Competition. We followed the contestants from nail biting backstage preparations to the winner’s performance.

ProMusica’s Home Concerts

Home concert
Home concert.
May 5, 2009

ProMusica brings back tradition of home concerts. We tagged along to find out the challenges that pianist Donald Berman and horn player Karl Pituch face when performing for such an intimate crowd.

Music Video Competition

Music Video Competition.
May 3, 2009

The Ohio Film Commission recently had a music video competition all about Ohio. It was a wild ride with the winner announced at the House of Blues in Cleveland. Our cameras were there and we talk to the winners and take a peek at their efforts!

Pontifical College Josephinum’s Pipe Organ

ProMusica performs with the Pontifical College Josephinum's Pipe Organ.
ProMusica performs with the Pontifical College Josephinum's Pipe Organ.
April 21, 2009

Travel to the Pontifical College Josephinum for a behind the scenes tour of their magnificent pipe organ.

Jennifer Higdon Interview

Jennifer Higdon
Composer Jennifer Higdon.
February 11, 2009

Composer Jennifer Higdon will be in Columbus, and her music will be the focus of Ohio State’s Contemporary Music Festival

Interview with Martin Inglis

Martin Inglis
Martin Inglis.
February 3, 2009

Mr. Inglis outlines his plans for a revived Columbus Symphony in a recent conversation with WOSU’s Christopher Purdy

Music Inspired by James Thurber

February 3, 2009

Meet Peter Schickele, (aka PDQ Bach) as he discusses his inspiration for his 1994 “Thurber Dogs” – a suite for orchestra based on James Thurber’s work. Then go behind the scenes as ProMusica revives this wonderful piece of music for the 25th Anniversary of the Thurber House.

Lone Raven Performance

Lone Raven.
Lone Raven.
31, 2009

ArtZine captures a live performance by Lone Raven at The Columbus Arts Festival.

Christmas Memories from the Tire Stores

Christmas Music LP Produced by Goodyear
For thousands of Americans, Christmas memories include music from the Firestone and Goodyear tire store
24, 2008

Memories are a strong part of Christmases past. They can be triggered by the scent of wassail or a sprig of balsam on a hand-made wreath. For thousands of Americans Christmas memories include music from the Firestone and Goodyear tire store.

Ohio Village Singers

16, 2008

Enjoy the Ohio Village Singers’ 35th Anniversary with a few holiday carols from the celebrated choir.