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Columbus Museum of Art Exhibit: Objects of Wonder

15, 2008

Behind the scenes of Columbus Museum of Art’s exhibit about ‘Objects of Wonder.’

Andy Warhol at the Wexner Center

4, 2008

Find out how Andy Warhol’s rare video work are the basis for this ground breaking exhibit at the Wexner Center, with a behind the scenes look with Eva Meyer-Hermann, independent curator from Cologne.

The Wexner Center’s Sherri Geldin Talks About Andy Warhol

Sherri Geldin
Sherri Geldin
September 22, 2008

Wexner Center Executive Director Sherri Geldin talks about ANDY WARHOL: OTHER VOICES OTHER ROOMS.

OSU Urban Arts Space

OSU Urban Art Space
OSU Urban Art Space
July 8, 2008

Fine arts master’s students take us on a tour of the new OSU Urban Arts Space and their work.

COSI Has a New Mascot

3, 2008

COSI teamed up with Pepsi in order to create a new mascot for COSI.

Charles Kleibacker at the Riffe Gallery

16, 2008

Fashion designer and curator Charles Kleibacker’s work is on exhibition at the Riffe Gallery. A behind the scenes look at what makes this high fashion and art innovator tick.

Jeff Smith Exhibits His Work at the Wexner Center

15, 2008

The work of Jeff Smith, world renowned graphic artist and creator of Bone (which Time magazine called one of the 10 greatest graphic novels of all time), is on exhibit at the Wexner Center. Meet Jeff and follow him as he explores his own work on the page and in the gallery.

‘Ten Cents a Dance’ at WOSU@COSI Studios

20, 2008

The Columbus Dance Theatre performs 10 Cents a Dance with Chicago cabaret singer Kathryn Payne (piano and vocals) at the WOSU@COSI studios.