Marotta Hour: Rocco Di Pietro

Marotto Hour-Rocoo Di Pietro listing screen shot.
OSU Urban Arts Space presents 'Marotto Hour-Rocoo Di Pietro.'
16, 2010

Rocco Di Pietro presents his piece ‘Body Trap’ at the OSU Urban Arts Space. The piece explores the interconnections between music and physical healing, featuring acupuncturist Dr. Linda Chun along with an ensemble of live musicians.

2010 Columbus Arts Festival

People walk by artists tents at Columbus Arts Festival, 2010.
Columbus Arts Festival, 2010.
4, 2010

I had never been to the Columbus Arts festival before, and I had a great time just wandering and enjoying the sights and smells. One artist that caught my attention right away was Bill Secunda of Butler, PA. It’s hard to miss his display of giant animals made entirely of nails.

Call for Music – Columbus Neighborhoods Documentary

Second Regiment Band.
Started in 1909 as the Ohio Malleable Band, the Second Regiment Band was led by John Peter France. This photo has them preparing to go to Philadelphia in 1976 to appear in a U.S. Bicentennial parade.
3, 2010

WOSU Public Media is looking for original music to be part of the soundtrack for our new TV documentary series, Columbus Neighborhoods

Hot Fives/Hot Sevens

Louis Armstrong with his trumpet.
The Jazz Arts Group of Columbus (JAG) presented the music of Louis Armstrong’s famous Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings through a series of concerts and educational activities in February 2010 to coincide with Black History Month and the rebirth of the Lincoln Theatre.
22, 2010

“With each single that Armstrong released during this era, musicians would wait with baited breath to hear what he was going to do, and then they’d try to emulate the style,” describes Byron Stripling, Artistic Director of the Columbus Jazz Orchestra.

Strongman – A True Indie

A scene from 'Strongman.'
A scene from 'Strongman.'
5, 2010

STRONGMAN is a cinema verité documentary about Stanless Steel, The Strongest Man in the World at Bending Steel and Metal.

Happy Birthday Ohio Historical Society

Ohio Historical Society
Inside the Ohio Historical Society
25, 2010

On Saturday, March 13, the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus will be hosting Happy Birthday, OHS!

Surfing in Cleveland

Surfboard and waves in Cleveland.
Darrin McDonald's film "Out of Place," is about surfing in Cleveland, Ohio.
23, 2010

When WOSU’s Darrin McDonald isn’t hanging out at our studios at WOSU@COSI, he has been found wandering the shores of Lake Erie. Filming surfers. Really.

Remembering Emerson Burkhart

Columbus artist Emerson Burkhart's historical marker.
Columbus artist Emerson Burkhart's historical marker.
18, 2010

What may be even more important about Emerson Burkhart to us here in Columbus than how his artwork ranks among that by other artists of his day, is the personal legacy he left this city.

Merce Cunningham Dance Company

Merce Cunningham Dance Company performance.
A past Merce Cunningham Dance Company performance.
12, 2010

In one of the cultural highlights of the season, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company embarks on a final two-year international tour, kicking off in Mershon Auditorium today.