When the Dust Settles at the Columbus Museum of Art

A crew works on the renovations at Columbus Museum of Art.
A crew works on the renovations at Columbus Museum of Art before its reopening, scheduled for the beginning of 2011.
24, 2010

WOSU’s Christopher Purdy and CMA Executive Director Nannette Maciejunes talk about the renovation of the Columbus Museum of Art.

Columbus in the Footsteps of Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center (front).
Lincoln Center, New York, New York.
12, 2010

Christopher Purdy and Nannette Maciejunes talk about how the Lincoln Center in New York is trying to reach out to its audiences through education – not unlike how Columbus is trying to reach its audience.

Where in the World was Nanette?

Museo Nacional de Belles Artes.
Museo Nacional de Belles Artes.
26, 2010

Nanette Maciejunes had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Santiago, Chile

Fantastic Tormented Shostakovich

Dmitri Shostakovich
The Columbus Symphony to perform the works of Soviet Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich.
3, 2010

Shostakovich described the 10th Symphony as a biography of Stalin, especially the second movement. Listen and you’ll hear exactly what Shostakovich thought of the ruler of the Soviet Union and his government.

ArtSafe Ohio in Prisons

ArtSafe 'The Power of Art' promotional poster.
ArtSafe 'The Power of Art' promotional poster.
June 28, 2009

I came away with the sense that ArtSafe works to convince the young offenders that there’s no reason to wallow in a world without hope

Cirque d’Art Theatre

Cirque D'Art Theatre performers doing acrobatics.
Cirque D'Art Theatre performers doing acrobatics.
June 28, 2009

Cirque d’Art is a school for circus performers, with a special emphasis on providing gymnastic and acrobat training to special needs kids.

Kids Show Support for Columbus Symphony

Ohio Theatre
Ohio Theatre, one of the homes of the Columbus Symphony
28, 2008

A lot of business executives and community leaders are trying to rally support to save the financially strapped Columbus Symphony Orchestra. But it’s not just middle aged adults trying to save the orchestra. WOSU’s Christopher Purdy has the story of the group – Kids with Passion – which wants the CSO to live on.

Interview With Author and Ohio State Alum Will Allison

Will Allison.
Will Allison's new novel is called 'What You Have Left.'
14, 2007

Will Allison’s new novel What You Have Left has been lauded by the New York Times. In this interview, he talks about the MFA program at OSU, the many elements that he wove into his book (Including NASCAR), his writing process, and what lies ahead for him.

Interview With Kaye Ballard

Kaye Ballard
Kaye Ballard
5, 2007

Kaye Ballard has done TV series, Broadway, Vegas, clubs, pictures, you name it. In this interview, Kaye talks about her life in show business going back to her days with Spike Jones and His Band in the 1940s, and mentions her big break at Columbus’s Club Gloria.