Horror, Hero, Homo: Re-Visiting New Queer Cinema

A scene from the independent film Poison.
A scene from Todd Haynes homoerotic horror flick Poison.
20, 2011

A wistful but jarring glimpse into a better time for independent filmmaking – when Todd Haynes’ shocked the new queer indie film scene with his first feature-length film, Poison.

Pecha Kucha Tonight at Earth Limited

Pecha Kucha tattoo.
A Pecha Kucha-inspired tattoo.
12, 2011

Pecha Kucha Columbus was formed in 2007, and it thrives on creating multi-sensory experiences that highlight local art, food, music and passion. During each event, a group of speakers follows the international Pecha Kucha format of showing 20 images and speaking about each image for 20 seconds.

Behind the Scenes: Columbus Neighborhoods King-Lincoln

29, 2011

Watch a video about the making of ‘Columbus Neighborhoods: King Lincoln’ documentary. Saxophonist Michael Cox shares with us all about how to approach a movie score; and some very talented local jazz musicians do what they do best.

Wild Goose Creative Hosts Columbus Comedy Festival

spectators at wild goose creative
This weekend Wild Goose Creative presents a three-day comedy festival.
14, 2011

At the Columbus Comedy Festival (2) you can expect to see sketch comedy, stand-up, comedic videos, improv, and grab some food truck food love starting at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Slam Poet Rachel Wiley

11, 2011

Profile of poet Rachel Wiley: her transition from acting to poetry, her take on the recent slam poetry competition where she took fourth place, and clips from her comedy-poetry act.

A Family Affair: Rural Routes Exhibition at the Ohio Art League

Rural Routes 005
Hay was everywhere at the Rural Routes Exhibition of Catherine Bell Smith and Claire E. Smith's work inspired by driving by rural scenery on rural route 71.
8, 2011

Catherine Bell Smith, a self-proclaimed and her daughter, Claire E. Smith’s Rural Routes Exhibition inspired by driving back and forth between Columbus and Cleveland, route 71.

Meet The New Columbus Symphony Director: Jean-Marie Zeitouni

30, 2011

Classical 101′s Christopher Purdy interviews the new music director of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Jean-Marie Zeitouni.

Inklings of a Wonderland to Come

March 21, 2011

Local artists and supporters of Wonderland gathered to ‘Float’ ideas at Franklin Park Conservatory.

Peace through Fashion

11, 2011

Liberian fashion designer Korto Momolu recently showcased some of her designs with Amani Liberia, to help African women help themselves.