Artist Michael Jerome Bashaw

11, 2012

It’s time to introduce Ohio’s very own Superman of Art. Recent recipient of a Governor’s Award for the Arts is sculptor, Emmy-nominated musician, performer, arts educator, and all around interesting guy Michael Jerome Bashaw.

ArtZine Update- Scott Pasfield’s “Gay in America”

11, 2012

Scott Pasfield’s “Gay in America’” honored in many book award lists for 2012.

Controversy II at the Ohio Historical Society

3, 2012

We all save sentimental objects; things to remind of us seminal moments in our past. That object becomes a physical representation of a memory, of a moment in time. But when we pull that shoebox out from underneath our bed, did we squirrel away anything that dredges up negative emotions? Something that reminds us of what we’d like to forget?

Artist Profile: Laura Alexander

9, 2012

Creating mesmerizing artwork with an exacto knife and layers of paper, artist Laura Alexander has had some pretty exciting times in her life lately. In late 2011, she won 7th place out of 1500 international artists at the Grand Rapids, Michigan show “ArtPrize”.

Tracing Lines at Urban Arts Space

3, 2012

Tracing Lines is an exhibit at the Urban Arts Space that explores the parts of our landscape that we tend to edit out. The images illuminate a beauty in the infrastructure.

A View of Columbus’s Rich Artistic Past at the Riffe Gallery

17, 2012

Curator Melissa Wolfe was curious, “What is that legacy that the contemporary Columbus art world draws from, and grows on? What is its past? Sometimes those things are known and sometimes, as this show has proven sometimes it’s not so well known.” What Wolfe is hinting at is a treasure trove of artistic gems to discover in the exhibition.

Columbus’s own voice in the dark Fritz the Nite Owl still going strong

13, 2012

There’s something about staying up past your bedtime, curled up with a blanket and some popcorn watching movies in the dark. Chances are if you were in Columbus between 1974 and 1991, it was bespectacled local TV legend Fritz the Nite Owl who helped you stay up late.

A new exhibit at COSI examines all the facets of race

13, 2012

Looking through the lenses of science, history, and personal experiences, a new exhibit at COSI gives you all the information you need to question your own assumptions about race. ArtZine goes behind the scenes to talk with photographer Wing Young Huie, and local high school students that have their own views on the subject.

Gay In America

20, 2011

Photographer Scott Pasfield’s intimate portraits of gay men from across the United States speak volumes on more than just sexual identity.