ArtZine Contest Winner Announced

Jerry Tollifson in front of one of his neon masterpieces.(Photo: ArtZine)

ArtZine’s 2010 Contest Winner is Jerry Tollifson.

Jerry Tollifson is a visual artist living in Columbus, Ohio. He has exhibited his work in the Central Ohio area for over 30 years.

Tollifson is most prominently known for his pen and ink drawings and electric prints of flowers and female nudes.

Recently he has ventured into a completely new realm — neon sculpture.

This video was produced by Jerry and Guardian Studios.

Executive Producer Cindy Gaillard is excited about Jerry’s video:

“Jerry captured the essence of ArtZine — what fuels the creative spirit.  We are proud to have Jerry as the first winner of our ArtZine Contest.”

ArtZine is funded in part by the Greater Columbus Arts Council.