What About Mineral Rights?/ Budget Cuts for Nursing Homes in Ohio



New proposals in state legislature allow drilling for oil and gas in Ohio’s State Parks, but what about mineral rights? A discussion about who owns these rights, and may have access to these minerals within State Parks.


There is worry surrounding the more than $400 million in proposed cuts to Ohio nursing homes. Many wonder if these cuts will force nursing homes to reduce staff or possibly close. What is the future of elder care within Ohio now? Will the nursing homes survive, or will there need to be other options available?


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  • Pete

     allowed? it should be encouraged. hydrofracing is actually a resource conservation technique, it reduces footprints, and increases yields (reducing stranded resource). applied properly, it is an efficiency technique that is uniquely friendly to the environment as well as the resource!

  • Pete

     the properties are/may be encumbered – meaning there are other parties who have interests – whether that is the federal government or other third parties (ie people or oil and gas companies), etc.

    the feds basically say, if you use some of our money to buy properties, then we have a right to the benefits of that property, should there be any.

    the ownership typically is contained within the courthouse deed records.

  • Pete

     the burden of ownership will be borne by the lessors.

    i LOVE hearing Shaner talk about cost/benefit.  Ask him what he means!

  • O-H-I-O

     Pete, who’s lining your pockets?

  • Dan

    Have you ever seen a drilling site? That’s a huge footprint. Can we trust the state EPA to effectively regulate thousands of these mobile drill rigs?