Wellness Wednesday: Virtual Slim Down, Hand Tremors, Safe Fitness



It’s finally happened: Reality is now mirroring virtual reality, and it’s keeping us healthier. A new study found that when avatars stayed slim, their gamers did, too. Then, hand tremors can be a symptom of serious illnesses, but also a natural result of aging. We’ll talk to a young inventor who’s helped create a solution. Last, we’ll learn the safe way to follow those extreme boot camp workouts.


  • Debra Sullivan, professor of Clinical Nutrition at University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Savannah Cofer, 9th grader at Columbus Academy
  • Haruna Cofer, Team Advisor to the eCYBERMISSION team at Columbus Academy
  • Erin Clepper, senior at Gahannah Lincoln High School
  • Diane Gorgas, residency director of the EM training program, columnist for the Dispatch

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  • Marilyn

    I called in and I have head tremors and a some tremor in my hand.I think a glove would be better than brain surgery,which is called DBS,surgery.