Wellness Wednesday: School Health, Malaria Vaccine, ObamaCare



Kids are taught to share from an early age, but there’s one thing they should keep to themselves: germs. This hour we’ll learn why so many fall victim to the “back-to-school plague,” and how to stay healthy through the year. We’ll also discuss a promising vaccine that could help the 3.3 billion people at risk for malaria. And a look at what measures of ObamaCare are already in play.


  • Dr. Harley Rotbart, Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Microbiology- University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Captain Judith Epstein, clinical director of malaria vaccine development at the Naval Medical Research Center
  • Kathy Gmeiner, Project Director for Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage, UHCAN Ohio

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  • CathyLevyOhio

    Kathleen Gmeiner is such a great resource on health reform! Thanks, Ann, for bringing her to your show and the public! Thanks, Kathleen, for all you do for the health of Ohioans!