Wellness Wednesday: Premature Birth, Cholesterol Meds, Obamacare



At some schools, “C” is considered the gentleman’s grade. But the “C” Ohio got on its March of Dimes report card has implications for ladies, too. This hour we’ll talk more about the Buckeye State’s premature birth rate. Then we’ll get the latest on the controversy over new cholesterol medication guidelines, and what’s new with Obamacare.


  • Dr. Brian Mercer, Chair of Obstetrics at MetroHealth Medical Center
  • Dr. Martha Gulati, Director of Preventive Cardiology and Women’s Cardiovascular Health at Wexner Medical Center
  • Jonathan Allen, White House Bureau Chief

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  • Jennifer Degl

    Great podcast! My
    daughter Joy was born at 23 weeks last year. Due to modern medicine and
    prayers she is doing great today. I hemorrhaged at 17 weeks for the first
    of 4 times because of 100% placenta previa, which turned into placenta
    accreta (which I believe was caused by 3 prior c-sections). After she came
    home from 121 days in the NICU, I wrote a memoir called “From Hope To
    Joy” about my life-threatening
 pregnancy and my daughter’s 4 months in
    the NICU (with my 3 young sons at 
home), which is now available on both the Amazon
    and Barns&Noble websites. It was quite a roller 
coaster that I am certain
    some of you have been on or are currently riding on. My mission is to provide
    hope to women struggling with
 high-risk pregnancies, encourage expectant
    mothers to educate themselves before 
electing cesarean deliveries, provide
    families of premature babies a realistic 
look at what lies ahead in their NICU
    journey, and show that miracles can 
happen, and hope can turn into joy.
    see my website http://www.micropreemie.net and http://www.facebook.com/jenniferdegl and watch our
    amazing video of my daughter’s miracle birth and life at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_hleySg-iU