Wellness Wednesday: Lung Cancer, Stress, Black Men’s Health



This hour we’ll take a look at a new survey that delves into what’s keeping us up at night, and how childhood stress can actually reshape the brain. Plus, we’ll learn why  many fatal diseases are more prevalent in the African-American community and talk about a non-invasive method to detect the deadliest form of cancer.


  • Dr. Patrick Nana-Sinkam, researcher at the James Comprehensive Cancer Cancer Center at OSU
  • Kristin Schubert, director at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Dr. Mark White , Internist at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center


10th Annual African American Male Wellness Walk

For more information about lung cancer screenings, call The James Line at (800) 293-5066.


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  • Cheryl Sharaba

    I made an appoitment at The Hirsch Cancer Center @Hillcrest Hospitol today for a Genetic study for lung cancer.This was advice from my pulmonolgist who has been following my multiple lung nodules in both lungs with CT scans.This must be fate as I was just flipping through stations when I came across this segment and program! I AM VERY INTERESTED in this new clinical trial for biomarker testing.I have a smoking history and strong family history of lung cancer that prompted an appointment with pulmonolgy in the first place.I did not get the number for the James Comprehensive Center.Would you be able to provide this to me? I was not aware of this program before , I will definitely tune in again .Thank You, Cheryl Sharaba