Wellness Wednesday: Dental Access, Bug-Free Tips, Summer Foods


11 am

Warning: Mayonnaise ahead. Summer is prime time for delicious treats and nutritional hazards. This hour we’ll learn healthy ways to enjoy picnics and barbecues. We’ll also discuss the importance of oral health and get the latest on some Ohio legislation to expand dental access. Then, it’s all about strategies for a bug-free season.


  • David Maywhoor, project director, Dental Access Now!
  • Melissa Muguruza, Holistic Muse,  health coach
  • David Shetlar, professor of urban landscape entomology at OSU

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  • http://www.uhcanohio.org Alyssa Chenault

    Can you explain how the legislation addresses lack of access to dental care? We need dentists who will take medicaid patients and dentists that live, work, and understand the plight of rural Ohio.

  • jkazz

    Hello – I just wanted to share that my 93-year old father who is in
    assisted living and on Medicaid receives the most wonderful care from
    Dr. Daryl Lechner in Delaware County. He is most caring and
    understanding of this generation in particular.