Wellness Wednesday: Cancer Nano Drug, MDMA, Leaky Guts



You’ve heard of a security leak and a faucet leak, but the medical world is abuzz with talk of the gut leak. Leaky guts have been blamed for a host of afflictions including diabetes and autism. We’ll take a closer look this hour. But first, we’ll learn about a new cancer drug that can cross the blood brain barrier, and hear the dangers and promises of rave drug MDMA.


  • Dr. Balveen Kaur, Associate Professor, and Vice Chair of Neuro-Oncology Research at OSU
  • Dr. John Halpern, psychiatrist and researcher at Harvard’s McLean Hospital
  • Dr. John Swartzberg, Chair, Editorial Board, UC Berkeley Wellness Letter

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  • Rob

    MDMA has not been sending scores of users to the hospital, its the dangerous chemicals being sold and passed off as MDMA/ecstasy due to its illegality. Quality and puirity has diminished exponentially over the past 10 years.