Wellness Wednesday: Body-as-Barbell, No-Soap Hygiene, Heart Health


11 am

After a session at the gym, most of us race to scrub away the germs. But the key to fighting odor-causing bacteria might actually be…more bacteria. We’ll look at the science behind skipping the soap and using microbes to stay clean.   We’ll also learn how to get buff biceps and a strong core without leaving the house, and get the latest in heart health.


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  • kugutt

    Ann, this was the best program you have had in all the time you have been host and it was VERY encouraging and informative. Keep up the good work. ~Howard

  • kugutt

    Ann, friend told me today that Minn. has banned the use of all the microbial hand washes. Do you know why? If this is true it would be important to do a follow up to your Wed program where Dr. Zirwas? was promoting their use.

  • kugutt