All-Volunteer Military: Successes and Alternatives

Bayonet soldiers take backseat: How 3-4 Infantry worked themselves out of a job

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The draft ended, but war has not. This hour we'll look at the effectiveness of our all-volunteer force.


It’s been over 40 years since the US ended the draft and adopted an all-volunteer military. Since then, the country has fought in the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. Some have questioned the effectiveness of the force, but alternatives seem equally problematic. We’ll examine the current system, and ways to keep it both fair and strong.


  • Dennis Laich, retired Major General, author of Skin in the Game – Poor Kids and Patriots
  • Lawrence Korb, senior fellow at American Progress, senior advisor to the Center for Defense Information
  • Peter Mansoor, professor of military history at Ohio State; retired army colonel

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