Universal Pre-K: Worth the Cost?



Remember pre-school? Rolling clay snakes, playing with blocks? Evidence shows that pre-K instruction teaches kids not only how to learn, but how to socialize–at least temporarily. Coming up, we’ll take a close look at the local school tax levy meant to cover pre-school ed., and weigh the latest evidence on spending big bucks to expand little minds.


  • Tom Borgerding, reporter, WOSU
  • Laurie Katz, Associate Professor in Early Childhood Education, OSU
  • Maria Fitzpatrick, assistant professor in the department of Policy and Management at Cornell University

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  • Emia Oppenheim

    I am a huge proponent of Pre-K having lived in Scotland and seen how well it can work. However, I am considering not voting for the issues on the ballot because of the Charter school piece but also because they seem to be plowing ahead with this ballot directive without much planning. Is this typical? Does the city usually try to get funds for a mayoral dream without details about the hows, whats and whens? Are they are putting the cart before the horse? Can they can come back in May with more details?