Two Points of View on Immigration Reform



There will always be a lot of buzz surrounding politicians and their immigration policies. On this segment of “All Sides,” we’ll look at two points of view on comprehensive immigration reform.


  • Mark Krikorian (Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies)
  • Benjamin Johnson (Executive Director, American Immigration Council)


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Postpartum depression can affect any woman after any pregnancy, no matter their age, race or background. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’re talking about postpartum depression… What is it? Who is likely to suffer from it? And most important, how do women find help for it?


  • Heidi McAlister (psychotherapist, The Sommer Group)
  • Tonya Fulwider (representative, POEM, Inc.)


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Join The Conversation

  • Amberdru

    Why are all the “conversations” about immigration reform only about amnesties, increasing legal immigration, increasing the number of work visas, what Americans can/should do for “immigrants”? There is never a down side. When are we going to hear about immigration reduction bills?

  • Jfill99

    I agree with Amberdru. How about we close the borders to new immigrants and take some time to ensure the well being of those citizens who are inside our borders? When I moved to this country legally 24 years ago I understood this is a relatively new country that has assumed a leadership position in the world. If my moving here was going to change that position I would gladly relocate back to my country of origin. Since that time the borders have remained open allowing millions of people to come in. This has changed the country in many ways not all of which are positive. Besides a loss of the wide open spaces which many citizens here have come to enjoy there is also pressure to move away from a single language and the adoption of customs and practices brought here by the new immigrants that many of us were glad to walk away from in the first place. It is certainly time to revamp our immigration policy.