True Stories on Radio


Hearing is one of the first human senses to develop, and sound is the oldest method of human communication. It’s one way people tell stories, and it’s the only way the radio can tell stories. While radio often functions as a source of news, it also is a method of maintaining connection – describing  human experiences through sound.

Today, we talk more about telling stories through radio, using journalistic forms, narratives, and even radio art- with John Biewen, co-editor of “Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound.” Also joining us will be This American Life Contributor and Senior Producer of “The Story,” a national radio show, Katie Davis- to speak more on telling stories through narrative methods.


  • John Biewen (Audio Program Director, Duke University Center for Documentary Studies)
  • Katie Davis (All Things Considered Commentator and Senior Producer of “The Story” national radio program)

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  • Boussaidbrahim

    I am reading an English translation of french novel by Alert Camus .The Plague I enjoyed the story how rats invades the town and its subjects.