The Use of Deadly Force by Police/Teachers as First Responders



Police officers are given the task of ‘keeping the peace’ throughout our city. Unfortunately, sometimes this task requires them to make the judgement call to hurt one person in order to save another. On this hour, we’ll talk about the use of deadly force by our police officers.


  • Sam Hendren (Reporter for WOSU News)
  • David Klinger (Professor of Criminology at University of Missouri, St. Louis)
  • Kimberly Jacobs (Columbus Chief of Police)
  • Jason Pappas (President of Columbus Fraternal Order of Police)


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced the potential of teachers becoming ‘first responders’ to violence and emergency situations in schools. On this hour, we’ll talk about this idea in depth.


  • Hollie Reedy (General Counsel for Ohio School Boards Association)
  • Dan Williams (Lieutenant for the Gahanna Division of Police)

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  • Tom Ashbrook

    Regarding the Ohio AG’s remarks allowing teachers or other school stuff to be armed during school hours in the hopes of protecting children from an armed assualt is too risky.  As a retired law enforcement officer who investaged officer wrong doing, I can tell those willing to carry a firearm takes on an huge risk of civil and crimanal charges.  And the school board will have a written policy keeping them (and only them) from any civil action.  The attorney who does show up after an incident will represent only the school board and not the teacher.  Think,  a teacher is making a group of kids understand how to do a complex math problem and several seconds later, has to make a life or death move.  Cops are drilled many many hours in this type of
     situation and many many cops have lost jobs and at times lost their lives.  I feel our elected officals have failed or are failing us all.