The State of the Ohio Budget


Ohio’s budget is passed, and now it’s time to face the effects. Cuts have been made to fill an  eight billion dollar deficit, and these are cuts that many feel will be difficult to face.
While these cuts might not be easy to grapple with, they’re considered by Governor Kasich to be critical. We’ll talk about the reasoning and details of these budget cuts today, with Ohio Office of the Budget and Management Diretor, Tim Keen.


  • Tim Keen (Ohio Office of Budget and Management Director)

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  • Anonymous

    After listening to this program today the show should be renamed “All sides that agree with me and my Liberal Feelings” Caller after caller asking the budget director how he could take away their teachers pensions and their collective bargaining rights and nursing home payments…And Ann asking him the same questions regarding PERS and forcing people out of nursing homes close to their family…blah blah blah how could you hurt someone’s feelings?

    Kudos for the Director for standing up and telling the last caller that Ohio’s economy is not based on government employees and he and Gov. Kasich aim to improve conditions within the state so private business will stay and relocate here. Liberals will just never get it….