The Science of Anxiety and Fear



Everyone reacts to a scary movie in a different way… Some are thrilled by the adrenaline and don’t want it to end, others close their eyes and want to cower in a corner until it’s over. Either way, people feel anxiety, pressure and fear in different situations throughout their lives. Author Taylor Clark will be on “All Sides” today to explore the science behind simple human reactions to these emotions.


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  • Daron Larson

    Just finished listening to this book on Audible. So many practical insights here. I’ve been recommending it to everyone — especially the students in my mindfulness classes. Thanks for reinforcing the importance of turning toward our difficult emotions and becoming intimately familiar them instead of trying to resist them. The skills of attention can definitely be cultivated to support embracing the full range of human experience.

    Thanks for writing this book!

    Daron Larson
    Attentional Fitness Training