The Politics of Climate Change



In 2010, Republican Congressman Bob Inglis announced at a campaign event that he believed in human-caused climate change. His candor may have cost him the election. Since then, he’s worked hard to convince Conservatives that climate change is real.  We’ll talk about why, even in the face of solid scientific evidence, this issue is so politically divisive.


  • Bob Inglis, executive director of the Energy and Enterprise Institute, former US Congressman
  • Andrew Hoffman,  Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan

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  • Diana

    I notice that Mr. Hoffman avoided answering the question of whether there is financial parity on both sides of this issue. For myself, I seldom if ever hear anything in media denying man-caused global warming. However, I constantly hear that practically all scientists agree that we have it. I should add that most of my media exposure is NPR.