The Music and Culture of Ohiolina



First there was Pennsyltucky; now there’s Ohiolina– the festival celebrating the music and culture of the I-77 corridor that runs from Ohio to North Carolina. As it winds through the mountains, the route picks up Appalachian sounds from the banjo, fiddle and guitar. We’ll learn about the festival and hear some live music; then we’ll investigate why the Carolinas are Ohioans’ favorite vacation spot.


  • Chris Koenig, Ohiolina founder/organizer 
  • Jessi and Brian Maxwell, members of musical group, Buckles and Boots
  • Steve Stephens, reporter for the Columbus Dispatch
  • Buddy Griffin,  musicologist and award-winning fiddler


Ohiolina Festival- Saturday, September 14- Mount Vernon, Ohio

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  • Jessi n Brian Maxwell

    Just now finding this, such an awesome time for us in the studio!

  • Jessi n Brian Maxwell

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