The Last Shuttle Launch and Future of NASA


“Atlantis” launched on time last Friday, marking the end of the space shuttle era in the U.S.

President Obama commented later on Friday, “Today’s launch may mark the final flight of the Space Shuttle, but it propels us into the next era of our never-​ending adventure to push the very frontiers of exploration and discovery in space.”

What does the Atlantis Space Shuttle’s last mission mean for the status of America’s space program in a global context? What’s next for NASA?

The future of space exploration and more, this hour on All Sides with Ann Fisher.


  • Michael Stamatikos (Postdoctoral Researcher, OSU Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics)
  • Jay Barbree (NBC News Space Correspondent)
  • Harrison H. Schmitt (Scientist/ Astronaut, Author and former U.S. Senator)
  • Robert Zubrin (author and Mars Society founder)


Space Shuttle Atlantis, the Final Launch

July 11, 2011

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