The “Invisible Heroes” of Columbus


Columbus, Ohio is home to the second largest settlement of Somali refugees in the country. This community is quite large, but has not received much mainstream media attention. This has caused some Somali activists to refer to their population as “invisible.”

Today, on All Sides, we’ll discuss a program that addresses the presence of the estimated 15,000 Somali immigrants in Columbus, specifically Somali youth, called “Invisible Heroes.”


  • Ahmed Adan (President of Somali Media and Cultural Organization)
  • Ismahan Isse (Somali Community Activist)
  • Mohamed Mohamed (“Learn With Me” Member)

Watch, Invisible Children on CTV Global Columbus

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  • Shirwa09

    great work

  • Calibare2004

    smart guys and fantastic work

  • Aabdirizak

    Great job. Ahmed him self is an invisible hero. What he does is a great asset to the Somali community.


  • Izzy

    Fantastic job Mohamed ^_^

  • Emil Moldovan

    I was just about to suggest that All Sides have more episodes featuring minority communities from Columbus. Show pieces highlighting their presence, daily experiences, and impacts on the greater central Ohio population. Great job; keep it coming.

  • Jmckee

    I’d like to contact them and offer support.  that is absent from the web site.

    • Mohamed

      You can contact us at, info@@somaliculture:disqus .org. Looking forward to interact with you.

  • Barksdale149

    i watched this interview and am really astounded by how Africans come here and do not know or care about African americans with respect to Culture ties in place, i am african american and consider them my people same as a Europeans   considers Europeans  his/her own  african people really separate them selves from us what a victory historically slave mentality exist in 2011 

  • Muna somali

    congratulation my all beloved brothers and sisters