The Increasing Role of the Part Timer



The numbers don’t lie – almost 20% of working Americans are employed part-time, a number that shot up in 2008 and hasn’t dropped since. Coming up we’ll look at the role of part-time employees in the workforce, what might be causing the trend, and whether part-timers are here to stay.


  • Amy Hanauer, director of Policy Matters Ohio
  • Heidi Schierholz, economist at the Economic Policy Institute
  • Tom Buchmueller, economist at the University of Michigan
  • Matt Williams, VP of New Faculty Majority

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  • Alan Trevithick

    Great show! Thanks. As an adjunct myself–at three different colleges–I’m particularly happy to hear Matt Williams of New Faculty Majority giving the real story of faculty working conditions–exploitative working conditions. Well done.

  • Karen Lentz Madison

    Thank you for this very informative program. So amazing is the fact that, as Amy stated, 5% of the workforce is working multiple jobs to make ends meet, while wanting full time jobs. Matt’s comments lead me to ask, “How many of those who teach on college campus across the nation are in that 5%?” The answer is far too many, but I’d like to know that figure.