The Future of the Death Penalty


10:00 am

Last week convicted killer Dennis MCGuire was put to death in Ohio using an untested cocktail of drugs. Witnesses say he struggled and gasped for breath for 10 minutes before he died. This hour we’ll examine the difficulty of finding drugs for use in executions, and discuss the reactions of some rights groups and legislators in the wake of this event.


  • Andrew Welsh-Huggins, Legal Affairs Writer, Associated Press
  • Douglas A. Berman, Professor OSU Moritz College of Law
  • Dr. Jonathan Groner, a professor of clinical surgery at the Ohio State University


Andrew Welsh-Huggins’ articles on Ohio’s death penalty

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    I don’t generally support the death penalty, but I find it interesting that we don’t have a tried-and-true method of doing it, given that at least three countries approve of euthanasia and veterinarians do it routinely with animals of all sizes.