The Empathy Experiment: Can Empathy be Taught?


English, Math, and Science are taught in the classroom, but has anyone ever taken a class on “empathy?” Probably not.

Dr. Denvy Bowman, President of Capital University, is trying to teach empathy outside of the classroom, with a program known as the Empathy Experiment.

Beginning this past January, six Capital University students began exploring the conditions faced by  the working poor in Columbus by immersing themselves in different experiences designed by community partners.

We’ll discuss the details of the program, and most importantly, whether or not it’s achieving its goal of teaching empathy.

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  • Stephen Watkins

    Of course empathy can be taught, but only when folks recognize their own vulnerability of just being mortal. Money is really irrelevant when considering the many levels of consciousness, because suicide doesn’t discriminate. The wealthy sing the blues too.

    • Carol Skier

      Yes, the wealthy just jump out of more expensive windows. And, fewer have empathy for them, after all they have money. Just one more form of dehumanization.