The Economics of Marijuana, Legal and Illegal


Economics of marijuana legal and illegal in the U.S. We will talk with the author of Joint Ventures: Inside America’s Almost Legal Marijuana Industry, about the economic advantages and disadvantages of the legalization of marijuana.


  • Trish Regan, author and broadcast journalist
  • Michael Komorn, President, Michigan Medical Marijuana Association
  • Howard Rahtz, retired Cincinnati Police Captain/Law Enforcement Against Prohibition member

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  • Patrick James Arthur Justice

    I wonder what the likelihood is of Ohio passing a medical Marijuana law? Perhaps similar to Colorado or maybe California?  

  • Allencat8

     We can only hope that Ohio will be added to the list of states  that APPROVE this HUGE money making endeavour,  get our State out of the red and back into the green with legalization and positive cash flow.  It surely would help employ all those in Ohio unemployed thanks to negative Republican leadership.