The Child Support Enforcement System


This hour, we’ll talk about the child support enforcement system, what works best for the children and parents.


  • Kim Newsom Bridges (Director, Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency Directors’ Association)
  • Susan Brown (Director, Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency)
  • Glenn Harris (Director, African American Male Initiative, Columbus Urban League)
  • Don Hubin (Chair of the Fathers and Families of Ohio Executive Committee and OSU Professor of Philosophy)


Franklin County Family Empowerment Day — August 17, 2-7 p.m. — St. Stephen’s Community House, 1500 East 17th Avenue

Free to the public, and will offer parents a broad array of family services under one roof, including child support assistance, employment opportunities, educational services, parent education, and legal assistance.
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Aug 16, 2011

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  • Jim

    I have a relative who is unmarried with two children. The father of these children provides no support at all and she has not asked for it from him. He does not work even though he is capable. She collects help from the state in the form of WIC. I don’t feel it’s right that my tax money is used to support her and the children when the father is not contributing at all. Can the state force collection of child support when the father of the children is known? It’s frustrating being responsible and seeing others get a free ride. I understand the need for programs like WIC however when there is someone who should be responsible for these children and is not doing it I feel it is abusing the system set up to help people truly in need.

  • Matt Johnson

    I know many fathers paying half of what they make into child support and they are living with their family.  The system needs balance to go after people that run from support, but also needs to treat the men and women who pay fairly.

  • Never51

    8 hour Child custody modification hearing and a 1 word decision. Dismissed! WOW! that was easy! Pathetic!

    A total joke and a waste of tax payers money. My ex is in total contempt
    of court. But the Judge purposely avoided the entire contempt thing!
    And actually told me not to say the word, I guess that make his job
    easier! I was trying to get 50/50 residential custody. I had witnesses,
    my ex had none! All she had to say was “I don’t communicate with my ex”,
    cry a little and hand them some emails between us. Would you have
    decided in my ex’s favor based only this! He did! The court had no good
    reason not to grant joint residential custody. Well, 8 hrs later it was
    over. A month or two later the decision arrived. My case was dismissed.
    The judge knew that the mother was uncooperative after she told him she
    does not communicate with me, and offered no reason why! But the court
    did not care. Now this fatherless mother is able to spawn her fatherless
    values to my kids ensuring that they to are fatherless and husband less
    just like her. The courts have no business in families lives, as they
    cannot make the best decisions for all families. 8 hrs. of court, lots
    of explanations from the judge, guiding me so I don’t go astray from
    where he wants me go! No justice for dads. If you have to go here, your
    in trouble DAD! So what I have is 800.00 plus child support and may not
    even get to see my daughters because the court does not and cannot care,
    if kids see their fathers or not! These people need to step down or be
    removed to save families. my ex moved the day after the hearing to lock
    in her child support payments and make it more difficult for me to visit
    and have joint physical custody. Child support is the other destructive
    force that pushes kids and relationships to the break point. I was
    trying to end the overly wild child support also. At least I am willing
    to try! The courts decision has already started to negatively affect my
    relationship with my kids. Don’t waste your money on a lawyer, it won’t
    help at this court. I am suppose to have joint physical custody, REALLY,
    what a joke, the mother is all about her pocket! Father, what a joke,
    just give me cash! The court will comply! It is that dumb and simple!
    You will see, if you have not already! Sure you can spend thousands of
    dollars, but there is still no guarantee that anything will change. Oh
    and FYI neither of us had a lawyer. I have no criminal background! So, I
    don’t get it! Guess they did not like how I looked is all I can think!
    Different! Don’t be different, if possible! Where is the justice for
    the kids. We are not in good hands at the juvenile court. It couldn’t be
    worse. Pat yourselves on the back, another family ruined. Please post
    your experiences with the courts to help others understanding of what
    does, and does not work here! an to advocate against oddly contoured,
    wildly high child support amounts with zero (0) accountability and a
    useless court process set again men from the start! Local rule is just a
    bunch of useless papers when it all come down to it! All the court does
    is take the easiest way out! P.S. Willing father + Useless system! =
    fathers and kids lose! There needs to be a Forced Mediation process
    which stops mothers from having the court, cash and kids in her pocket!
    May God be with you if you have to go here!

    • wondering…

      Don’t blame the people enforcing an order they are handed – blame the people that had a hand in crafting your order.

  • Curious

    My brother has been trying to have his child support reduced for over a year now. His pay has reduced by over half. and still paying the same amount that was ordered. he was order by the courts to pay the same amount for a year. even though he wasn’t making the same amount of pay. haven’t had his day in court yet, we will see if the judge reduces it or will it be rescheduled? . And why do the courts allow mothers to keep rescheduling support modification hearings, when it’s time for the father to have his day in court to  try to get his child support reduced. So here we go waiting another two months for a court date and another two of paying support this high support. but we all know why she keeps rescheduling, so she can keep on getting all that money  

  • wondering

    My question is: when will be some sense of accountability as to what the money received is being spent on?  Its for the children, right? 

  • Hward1

    I wish  Susan Brown would realize that how she managed to collect the amt of money for FCCS that she did,did more harm than good -I’m all about being realistic & giving people a chance, but wiping out arrearages & automatically changing everyone’s order that were unemployed based on minimum wage sure didn’t do anything to help the children. I’m glad she does realize that the custodial parent has quite a bit to do on their part even after support payments are being met, but the tolerance of the excuses of the non-custodial parents – MEN AND WOMEN-is ridiculous. I know many parents that benefited from voluntarily becoming/staying unemployed when these changes took palce in order to wipe out their arrears & even some that were received checks b/c of being in OVERPAYMENT. Regarding the parents that do not want to pay b/c they think the $ is not being spent on the child, try living off of what you pay. Lastly, speaking of the time factors, try living with no support for as long as child support takes to even enforce your case at all. All the non-custodial parent has to do is voice that they have good intentions & they’ll let your case go to the point where you can no longer afford child care, which then leads to eventual unemployment of the custodial parent b/c of not having care any longer, & also loss of any health benfits – just a total waste of time, stress, money – FCCS is better off not even existing.

  • American Father

    I am curious if any one is aware if there is now or has there ever been corruption or dishonesty associated with the practices of the Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency? Furthermore, I believe that the majority of the cases assigned to such agencies are probably needless. The children of American families have become big money makers for such agencies. You heard the figures they fessed up to? They can try to candy coat their intentions and pretend that they are in it for our children, but no. It truly does boil down to the almighty dollar. Such agencies may have been created with good intentions? Somewhere along the way those intentions were lost. With a lot of money comes a lot of greed which in turn leads to lies, deception, and corruption anything to collect that almighty dollar and receive whatever incentive money the Federal government may use to entice them . In addition, the system is set up in such a way that a dishonest employer can easily steal child support money causing a custodial parent to become in arrears which could lead to tax interceptions, fines, license suspensions, or even incarceration. The first question I proposed was rhetorical.