Tech Tuesday: Web Anniversary, Kids’ Apps, Titanfall



Happy birthday, Web! This month marks the 25th anniversary of the day the worldwide web was born; do we even remember the world without it? This hour we’ll talk about the web’s improbable origins, how it’s different from the internet, and why it started with nuclear research. We’ll also hear about the best apps for kids, and the latest in gadgets.


  • Peter Shulman, history professor at Case Western Reserve University
  • Warren Buckleitner, editor, Children’s Technology Review
  • Russell Holly, tech blogger for

Kids apps mentioned on the show

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  • Diana Fauss

    Hi Ann,
    You said on the air that you would be posting the names of the apps recommended by Warren Buckleitner. I was wondering if you could tell me where those links are? I want to send them to my daughter.

    • Diana Fauss

      Just saw that this was posted! Many thanks!

  • Jane

    trying to get on the tracr website but it asks for a log on. Any advice on accessing