Tech Tuesday: Sonic Fabrics, Tech Made in the USA, Chromecast



Ever wish you could turn the volume down on a “loud” necktie? A new line of ties has come out allowing wearers to do just that. We’ll talk about the design, plus we’ll discuss why some tech giants have started manufacturing their products in the USA. And Google just came out with a $35 streaming device. We’ll learn if it’s a steal, or if you get what you pay for.


  • Alyce Santoro, multimedia artist, designer of Sonic Fabrics
  • Carl Franzen, reporter at The Verge 
  • Russell Holly, tech blogger for

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  • Anomony

    I guess Apple was counting on people confusing “Designed in America” with “Made in America”. Spend millions designing it here and make Billions manufacturing it somewhere else.

    So, there is a move to assemble things in America … Assemble. From where do the parts being assembled come?

    Are there actual living wage jobs being created? Or can we look forward to the fast food worker wage?