Tech Tuesday: Social Gifting, Online Teen Privacy, Gadgets



Wrapping paper and bows are so last century. The latest craze in last-minute presents is social gifting–sending a digital gift card to someone online–and many gifting start-ups even send birthday reminders so you don’t forget. This hour we’ll explore the trend, as well as a new report that says teens are now more judicious with online personal info, and we’ll check in with our tech wizard.


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    Thanks Ann. Great interviews. We especially liked the one with Heather, since we are one of those companies using Facebook to create our own social gifting platform. Social gifting platform some advantages not mentioned in your interview, like the ability to invite friends or family to a group gift that is delivered to the recipient via an eGift Card. The ability to send a group gift is where social gifting really pays off, since group gifting is an inherently social activity. In addition to the obvious attraction to free and discounted cards, the platform also offers immediacy – which is important in the fast paced world today. Thanks again for a great take on a subject that is near and dear to us! Check us out at…