Tech Tuesday: Museum Technology, Computers on Wheels, Gadgets



On this episode of Tech Tuesday, we’ll learn about the new technology that will enhance your next museum visit. Then we’ll discuss how modern cars know where you live, who you call, and how often you use your seatbelt. Last, we’ll check in with our tech guru to find out the latest in gadgetry.


  • David Franklin, director of the Cleveland Art Museum
  • Ron Montoya, Consumer Advice Editor,
  • Russell Holly, Reporter for

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  • Elizabeth

    Wow. I must disagree with David Franklin. I just went to the Google Art Project for the first time. Mr. Franklin’s major complaint sees to be that this site offers no content. To the contrary, the content is quite rich. Listening to him speak I kept thinking that maybe he meant to say “context” rather than “content”. But when looking at the site I found that context is provided as well. There is descriptive text and even provenance in some cases. I took a wonderful trip through the wildflowers depicted in the Unicorn in Captivity tapestry that belongs to The Cloisters museum in NYC. The resolution of the image was very fine and I truly found the experience of “seeing” that piece a wonderful thing. For some collections you can even view the work in the gallery as it stands or hangs. You can be right there with the work. I hope some day to be able to experience the viewing of that tapestry in person. I am even more eager to have that experience having viewed it on Google Art Project’s site. There may be other problems with the concept of the website, but the objections raised by Mr. Franklin to be quite weak.