Tech Tuesday: MOOCulus, Virtual Reality, Gadgets



Tech experts are saying that virtual reality is not a matter of “if,” but a matter of “when.” This hour we’ll talk about Facebook’s recent purchase of Oculus, a VR startup, and why consumers shouldn’t expect The Matrix just yet. We’ll also learn about online calculus for the masses, coming soon to OSU, and get the latest in the world of gadgets.


  • Jim Fowler, mathematician at OSU
  • Sean Hollister, tech writer at The Verge
  • Russell Holly, tech blogger for

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  • Logan D Mackey

    The Oculus is the first hardware that facebook owners have ever bought. They would not have purchased this if they didnt already have platform to do this on. I am almost certain that facebook will acquire Second Life. Second Life at its core is a social network, it is more social network then video game. The people who paid for the Oculus rift have a right to be mad because they are not going to get the product they want. Facebook is not for “real gamers” but that’s already a tapped out market. The new market for the video game industry is casual gamers. The farmville, candy crush crowd. But bringing that whole market plus facebook’s huge population of users into a virtual Social Network, will change everything. But not just for gaming, what about online learning, business, Second Life has a currency, imagine every facebook user buying and selling a facebook coins. The Questions i have as a virtual world architect, is that when you make a virtual object it is stamped with the makers name. And has been proven in courts of law as protected intellectual property. Now if make something is this virtual facebook world is it mine. Or like how facebook works now property of facebook.

  • Jim Fowler

    The MOOCulus resources can be found at

  • Jose Carlos Lazarte Aspíllaga

    MOOCs in general are a fantastic resource and MOOCulus is an incredibly friendly math course, it really gets you interested and involved.

  • Ben Bowen

    I’m currently taking the MOOCulus course and I love it. I personally took business calculus as part of my 4 year degree almost 20 years ago and haven’t seen calculus since. It is great to have the opportunity to take this course for free and brush up on all of the concepts that I had completely forgotten. The level of instruction is fantastic; the 3 instructors of this course are easily as enthusiastic, engaged, and attentive as any of my best instructors during my undergrad or MS course work. To have this level of education offered for free to anyone who is interested is really an incredible opportunity. Kudos and thanks to MOOCulus, Coursera, and OSU for making this possible!