Tech Tuesday: Media and Politics, Holographic Artists and Gadgets



During this Presidential year, social media pages are revving up with political ads and politician’s page updates. We’ll talk about the latest in social media and politics with a Mashable reporter. Then, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival featured a surprise guest this year, a rapper named Tupac who died years ago, through a hologram. We’ll talk about the implications of holographic artists. And finally, we’ll cover the CTIA: All Things Mobile Conference in New Orleans.


  • Alex Fitzpatrick (Reporter, Mashable)
  • Dwight Heckelman (Founder, GrooveU)
  • Neal Schmitt (Communication Specialist, Hocking College Music Network)
  • Russell Holly (Tech Blogger,

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Click here for more information on Tupac’s Coachella performance.

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