Tech Tuesday: Mars Rover, Meat Hacking, Stolen Smartphones


Photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video (flickr)

A NASA-appointed team recently laid out scientific objectives for a 2020 Mars rover mission. Plans include looking for signs of life, and collecting samples for analysis.



The food industry has long been run by a few enormous companies, but technology is democratizing meat, which is good news for all steakholders. We’ll hear more about how food advocates and tech nerds are collaborating for a more sustainable future. We’ll also get the latest on the rover NASA will send to Mars in 2020, and learn about the market for stolen smartphones.


  • Danielle Gould, Founder & CEO of Food+Tech Connect
  • Gerry Smith, technology reporter at The Huffington Post
  • Jack Mustard, chair of the Mars 2020 Science Definition Team

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